What people are saying about The Missional Mom:

  • Scot McKnight, author of Jesus Creed and popular Christian blogger: “Helen Lee can flat-out write and tell a good story and so in this book she plies her journalistic trade to good use around a variety of topics by probing the missional lives of real moms.” (Read the full review here.)
  • Amy Julia Becker, Patheos blogger and author: “The Missional Mom by Helen Lee offers the best of both words: it is theologically rich and easy to digest all at the same time. If you are a Christian woman who is also a mother, you should read The Missional Mom.” (Read full review here.)
  • Jennifer Grant’s review in Christianity Today‘s Her.meneutics blog: “[Helen] Lee’s book details the ways in which to live missionally, is to live deliberately as we seek to serve Christ in everyone we meet.” (Read full review here.)
  • The Englewood Review of Books finds “Lee’s description of missional motherhood especially poignant and exciting.” (Read the full review here.)
  • “I think The Missional Mom by Helen Lee is something you’re going to want to know about,” writes pastor and small groups consultant Mark Howell. (Read full review here.)

In addition, I’m deeply grateful to the following people for offering their support and endorsements for The Missional Mom:

Carla Barnhill
Author of The Myth of the Perfect Mother
Co-founder of

“Helen is exactly the kick in the pants I need as a mom. Just when I start to feel comfortable, settled, and dare I say stuck in my little life, Helen Lee comes along to remind me that I was created to be part of what God is doing in the world and I need to sit up and pay attention. By casting a vision of motherhood that includes little details of family life and the big picture of global injustice and suffering, Helen gives moms the encouragement we need to follow God wherever God might lead us.”


Valerie Bell
Speaker and Author of Faith-Shaped Kids
Board Chair, MOPS International

“Bravo . . . finally!  Here’s a book for any mom who’s loved a child enough to want to impact the world into which she brings that child. If your faith in God calls you to be fully-alive, fully-engaged, fully-devoted to Christ and fully-mother—but honestly, all you’re feeling is a lot of tension over all those “fullys” in your life—then this book was written for you!  Using shining examples, Helen Lee inspires the reader to strategically balance family while stepping up to God’s unique calling during her mothering years. Between the covers of this wise and deeply spiritually-formative book a passage to a richer more impacting life exists for moms. Read it! I highly recommendThe Missional Mom.”


Tom Davis
CEO, Children’s HopeChest
Author, Red LettersFields of the Fatherless, and Scared – A Novel on the Edge of the World

“Although I’m a father and ministry leader, I was captivated by the deep spiritual truths in The Missional Mom. This book is a wealth of practical and meaningful insight that has everything to do with how to live our lives and raise our children in an increasingly out of control culture. After reading this book, I’ll be a more committed Christ follower, a more loving husband, and a seriously connected father. Can’t wait for The Missional Dad!”


Dave Ferguson
Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church
Movement Leader, NewThing

“The Missional Mom will encourage any parent who feels like they have lost their purpose in the midst of soccer practices and play dates to see how God wants to use them in this important season of life. It removes the pressure of having to always ‘do’ the right thing as a parent and restores a sense of passion and calling to parenting while giving us the right to simply be who it is that God has gifted us to be. ”


Dr. David Fitch
B.R. Lindner Chair Evangelical Theology, Northern Seminary

“There is no sphere of human life which cannot find its true end in God’s mission. Helen Lee, in engaging yet powerful prose, helps us see what this might mean for mothers. Under her careful guidance, we see how the rhythms and struggles of being a mom become subsumed by God’s sovereign purposes for the redemption of the world. I encourage us all who have families (not just moms!) to read this book!”


Dave Gibbons
Social entrepreneur and lead pastor, Newsong Church
Author of Monkey and the Fish: Liquid Leadership for a Third Culture Church
And XEALOTS: Defying the Gravity of Normality (release date in 2011)

“I’ve known Helen for nearly two decades. I’ve always been impressed with her insights and reflections. She is a great learner, observer and writer. I’m glad she wrote a book for all of us to be inspired and moved to action! The Missional Mom is a book that challenges us (not just moms!) to embrace radical, counter-cultural followership especially within the environment of our homes. The wonder years of growing families shouldn’t be seen as a time we check out of following God. This is the time we’re in the thick of some of the most intense miraculous, spiritual activities (painful and joyful) of our lives both with God, our spouses, children and others. Helen stirs our imagination to go deeper into who we are called to be in our homes and beyond. She gently calls us out to be unafraid in pursuing purposeful living in practical ways.”


Edward Gilbreath
Editor of
Author of Reconciliation Blues

“Helen Lee was ‘missional’ before missional was cool–as a journalist, an entrepreneur, a neighbor, wife, and mom. Her life has been defined by service to others and by approaching whatever task that’s set before her as a divine calling. Her passion for God and people–especially other moms–shines through in this book. I’m proud to call her a friend and to see her message of purpose and grace touch even more lives.”


Alan and Debra Hirsch
Authors of Untamed–reactivating a missional form of discipleship

“We are both convinced that in order to unleash the world transforming power of missional Christianity we are going to need to learn a whole lot more from women. As Helen states, ‘Women have been the secret weapon in the church since the beginning of its existence, contributing significantly to the progress the church has made in the world.’ This is an undisputed fact! We look forward to a time when men and women are released to be all they can be in God for the sake of his Kingdom. Helen’s book is a wonderful gift to all of us.”


Anita Lustrea
Executive Producer & Host of Midday Connection
Author of What Women Tell Me

“Where was The Missional Mom when I was thrust into motherhood? I barely made it out of the terrible twos with my son when I was wishing him into college.  If I’d had a vision cast for me of what motherhood could be, of what missional living was all about, I know those early years would have been different.  The Missional Mom needs to be a gift at every baby shower if we hope to make an impact for Christ in our homes and in the world.”


Dr. Scot McKnight
Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University

“My mother was missional before anyone used the word, but I’m glad Helen Lee has described what mothers have done, are doing and will be doing with this word. This book is informed, laced together with timely and practical stories; the book is biblical and theological — in other words, this book is a potent mixture that sketches radical, kingdom motherhood.”


Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira
Author of Mama’s Got a Fake I.D.
Co-founder of The Mommy Revolution blog
“The Missional Mom is a treat for any mom who believes that God has called her to serve beyond the reaches of motherhood. Helen shows us how we can at once be wonderful, loving moms while also serving our wonderful, loving God using the vast and divergent passions and gifts He’s given us.”


Marshall Shelley
Editor Leadership Journal

“Helen Lee is not only a missional mom, she also is a clear and incisive writer. I’m not a mom, but as a Christian and a dad, I found myself marveling and motivated as I read this book. Now THIS is living!”


Amy Simpson
Vice President, Church Ministry Media Group, Christianity Today International

“This is a serious book, and it will stand out in a landscape littered with feel-good messages for moms. Helen Lee elevates motherhood by challenging us to be more than moms. She affirms our calling, first and foremost, to be God’s people.”


Ed Stetzer
coauthor of Transformational Church

“Helen Lee has presented moms and families with a great gift in The Missional Mom. It is a great resource to help women understand and implement a missional life.”


Arloa Sutter
Executive director, Breakthrough Urban Ministries
Author, The Invisible

“If you have ever felt your role as a mother is a forgotten one without purpose, this book is for you. The Missional Mom brims with practical examples of modern day heroes who are using their God-given roles as mothers to change the world. Helen Lee inspires all of us, whether or not we work outside the home, to think about how we can teach our children to become kingdom warriors and make a meaningful difference in the world. You will be inspired, challenged and energized to make your home a place of love and service to others. Don’t underestimate the power of women, especially the power of a cadre of mothers, who manage their homes as missional outposts for kingdom work.”