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Called to Offer Hope and Help

Tell me a little about yourself!

I am a mom to three children, two teenage boys and a one year old daughter. I am a literacy educator by profession, but have cut back to working part time to spend more time at home. I am always amazed at the ways in which God orchestrates the details of life to make us more human. Thank you so much for your writing.

What makes you a Missional Mom?

I feel particularly called to reach out to women who are in situations of domestic abuse, as that is part of my story. God is continuing the healing process daily. I want the church to realize that domestic abuse affects families from every walk of life. And to offer the victim a refuge and REAL help.

Desiring to be “Poured Out” for God

Tell me a little about yourself!

I am 36 years old and the mother of three...Hanna 6, Aidan 5, and Stephen, 3. I have been married for 11 years in June to a wonderful, hardworking man. I am halfway through "Missional Mom" and I can't stop crying over it. I feel like if I was going to write a book it would be this one...but thankfully I don't have to because you did so beautifully! I have been a sold out follower of Jesus for the last 6 years.

About 4 years ago I read a book called "Back to Jerusalem" about the persecuted underground Chinese church. This book explained that these Chinese Christians had lost everything for the sake of the gospel and are so on fire for Jesus that they are willingly going to the most dangerous places on earth to die there for Jesus in the joyful hope that their life might count for even just one more soul getting to hear His name. After reading this book, my typical American life started to seem, well,...silly. My life, even though I called myself a Christian, still seemed more about getting, while these Chinese Christians seemed a lot more interested in GIVING

I had this stirring in my heart and I reread the gospels with fresh eyes. I was seeing now that the Christian life is about SACRIFICIAL living and that is part of our JOY! I began to share with friends and family that I wanted to do more for Jesus. Almost every single time I talked about this to my Christian friends I would get this kind of response..."Don't forget that you are a mom...that is your ministry." and "Not everyone is called to be a missionary, Holly" and "Don't forget that Abraham was wealthy and blessed. Nothing wrong with being blessed. Don't worry about it so much!" So I would go home feeling guilty that maybe I was not being a good mom by worrying about the lost world. Many people would imply to me that by being concerned for lost nations I was not showing the right concern for my own family. And this has been my dilemma for several years. Is my role just to sit here with my Ikea catalog and my Starbucks and "enjoy being blessed" while the Chinese Christians give everything to the Lord? That didn't seem right at all! However, I just couldn't seem to find many people in my immediate Christian world who shared my convictions!

On of the biggest challenges to my new outlook on life was actually my own husband! Now, I need to say that I am not wanting to throw this precious man under the bus! My husband is a hardworking, kind man who professes Jesus. The major difference between us is that he doesn't yet "see" needy or lost people. This leads to many difficult disagreements between us in how we should be spending our money and what kinds of things we should be giving our time to. When we disagree, I am always torn. If I am a good Christian wife, shouldn't I obey and submit to the will of my husband? But what if my husband is not submitted to God or concerned with God's purposes? Do I keep pursuing this grossly backwards American culture because it is what he desires or keep standing on my conviction that Jesus is asking something different from us?

What keeps me awake at night is the seeming contradiction that my children witness. How do I explain to them my convictions without putting their father in a bad light somehow? How do help to keep them from being blinded by the love of things and comfort? Oh for the Lord to give me wisdom every day on how to teach and lead them despite the seeming hypocrisy of our current lifestyle.

I do not always know what to do in my situation except to keep loving, giving where I can and keep passionately praying for my husbands eyes and heart to be opened. Thankfully the Lord has opened a few doors for me to be a part of the Great Commission where I am. Currently, I am working on a project that uses facebook to reach out to Muslims in closed countries with the gospel. I also teach a missions class and I LOVE it! I just wish, oh how I wish I got to LIVE it, and by the grace of God one day we will.

Thanks for listening, and thanks so much for sharing your own journey. I cannot tell you how this book has lifted me up today and encouraged me to press on.

In His love, Holly

What makes you a Missional Mom?

I want to see the Glory of God cover the entire earth. I want to see Jesus come back and I know He is waiting for every people group to have an opportunity to be saved. I don’t want to waste this tiny bit of time the Lord has given me on this earth and I don’t want to stand before Him empty handed one day. I want my life, like Paul said…”to be poured out”…wholly, and holy…to the One who gave it all for me. My great hope and desire is also that my children’s lives will also be marked with passion for Jesus and with passion for the things that His heart loves.

A Mom (and Her Kids!) On a Mission

Tell me a little about yourself!

Here's a little bit about me:

What makes you a Missional Mom?

One thing that my husband and I feel strongly about is that our kids have thankful hearts. We feel that merely saying, “I am thankful.” or “Thank you, God!” is not enough. We need to, as Christ-followers, express our thanksgiving to Him by pouring out and living it out.

One way to do that is to intentionally and tangibly be involved in local and global compassion initiatives, giving ourselves away in Jesus” name to people who are the last, the least, the forgotten and the forsaken in our society!

Read more here: My Missional Mom story.

From One Study, Many Missional Moms Emerge!

Tell me a little about yourself!

I am a Christ-follower and mother of three beautiful children - 6, 4, and 2. I just finished leading a study at my church on Helen's book. What a powerful experience!

What makes you a Missional Mom?

I just finished up a study on The Missional Mom and WOW did God move! It’s the first Bible study I’ve led at this church, and I had no idea what to expect. I had six women, and we went on a phenomenal journey together! The book, along with the movement of the Holy Spirit, really spoke into the lives of these women. We watched one woman make a commitment to Christ and were all witnesses to her baptism a few weeks ago…another woman submitted an application to Safe Families ( when she finally felt God speak to her after years of prayer. Another woman made brown bags and passed them out to the homeless last weekend. Another woman is hosting a World Vision Christmas party with her son’s classmates. Another is launching a ministry called a Soft Place to Fall…and yet another is geting baptized with her husband this Sunday.

We stressed very clearly in our study that this was NOT about serving for the sake of feeling good about ourselves or filling some void. It’s not another thing to add to our calendars and “busy up” our lives. We embraced that being “missional” is a mindset which really just pushes our calling as Christians to the forefront of our minds. Doing this opened our eyes to all of the ways we can live this out…it all unfolded very authentically and nothing felt forced at all. Again, I’m BLOWN AWAY! We’ve cried together, laughed together, and we’ve all supported one another as we’ve re-discovered our purpose!

We are continuing to study missional living this upcoming semester and this time we have 19 people signed up! The word is getting out!!!!

Pursuing One’s Calling–With Fear and Trembling!

Tell me a little about yourself!

Hi, I'm Brandi McDaniel and I have been married to my husband Michael, whom I truly believe God chose for me, for 18 years. We are the proud parents of 4 terrific kids. We are blessed that I am able to stay home with the kids and even have become "accidental" homeschoolers as well! I am head over heels in love with Jesus Christ and through my great desire to be drawn closer to the Lord wish the same for all people.

What makes you a Missional Mom?

Mike and I have served God in just about every way we can. For years we were tireless volunteers signing up for every (and I really mean EVERY) activity, event, occasion there was to serve at our church. From volunteering in the nursery, to teaching multiple classes, coaching basketball and cheerleading, local missions, to organizing projects for the homeless we did it all.

But God is funny because just as we thought we had it all under control and we were “sailing” through our life HE showed us that we didn’t have a clue where we were going! In April of 2010 I created a site on a social media outlet designed to support and encourage women. With no real direction I began to post a few things here and there including Scripture and chatted a bit in the little community of followers. I’m not sure why exactly but I got scared. It was my “Jonah” moment! I literally fled from the site too afraid to do what God was asking me to do.

But as we all know, there’s no hiding from God and HE never just leaves us alone. So in December 2011 God placed a call on my heart to start an on and offline women’s ministry. In absolute trembling fear but having a strong heart for women I obediently stepped out and began to post Scripture, daily encouragement, and messages grounded in biblical wisdom with conviction and direction on my social media site.

It hasn’t been long but the emails are already pouring in daily. Women whose lives are already changing as they turn their hearts and their minds to the things of God. Letters from women who are recommending their friends to come and hear the message God has for them. Women who DESIRE love, support, and encouragement in a community of godly women seeking to do the Lord’s work in their hearts, their homes, and our world. It has been so encouraging and a reaffirmation to stay the course God has designed for me without fear. Praise God.