The New Year Begins! Weeks 1-3

We’ve made it through the first few weeks! This year, our local school district started astonishingly early–August 15th!–so I felt some pressure to follow suit, if not exactly at the same time, then soon thereafter. So we officially started on August 20th, and it’s been a 3-week sprint since then of trying to stay on top of it all!

My three sons (DS10, J.; DS7, S. and DS5, A.) are all doing school at home, and here is an outline of our curriculum choices this year:

DS 10, 5th Grade:

  • Bible, History, Science, Vocabulary: My Father’s World, Rome to Reformation
  • Math: Singapore Math 3B
  • Language Arts: First Language Lessons 4, Writing With Skill, Spelling Workout F, New American Cursive
  • Languages: First Form Latin and Rosetta Stone Spanish
  • Geography and Logic (Mind Benders) as time allows
DS 7, 2nd Grade:
  • Bible, History, Science, Vocabulary: together with DS 10
  • Math: Singapore Math 1B
  • Language Arts: Writing With Ease 2, First Language Lessons 2, Spelling Workout B, New American Cursive
  • Languages: Prima Latina and Rosetta Stone Spanish
  • Geography and typing as time allows
DS 5, Kindergarten:
  • My Father’s World Kindergarten
  • Math: Singapore Math Kindergarten
  • Ordinary Parents’ Guide to Teaching Reading

It’s been a big help to be combining the two big brothers this year in a few of the subjects; while they do their independent work, I have about an hour or so of alone time with our little one. Then I let him do a variety of activities while I work with the older boys on history, science, and Bible. Overall, the schedule is working fine, although it still often feels the end of the day comes so fast and we cannot always fit it all in. I’m trying to be more relaxed about it this year, though, so that it doesn’t feel like I’m a total taskmaster all day!Here are a few photos highlighting moments from our last few weeks:

Abacus time for math!

All kindergarteners love water play!

Making their own mosaics for a history activity!

Learning about reflexes for science by tossing cotton balls into one another’s faces and seeing the automatic blinks!

We are also trying to incorporate more physical activity time together, including more stretching together which we’ve never done before–good for both me and the boys! And today was our first day back at our weekly homeschool co-op, with all three boys enrolled for the first time. Big boys do a variety of gym-related classes, and the little one takes karate and also a couple of preschool/kindergarten-aged classes. And I get time to catch up on work and blogging. Win-win for all!

How long will we continue the homeschooling life? I honestly have no idea. Next year, our eldest could start middle school, and it will be a decision point for us. But for now, we are going to try to make the most of this year and enjoy our study of Ancient Rome and beyond.

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