Practice With Purpose

This morning I have a post on The High Calling website, entitled “Practice With Purpose,” about our family’s time at Breakthrough Urban Ministries last summer. Here is the beginning of the piece, and you can read the rest at’s website!


My exasperated son banged his hands on the piano keys. He was an 8-year-old with clear musical ability but no desire to practice. “Why? Why do I have to do it again? I don’t understand!” he moaned. I knew this was standard behavior for similar children his age, but the knowledge didn’t make dealing with his resistance any easier.

“C’mon,” I coaxed. “You’re playing in public on Saturday. Don’t you want to be at your best?” He glowered a non-response, finally eked out the troublesome phrase, then ran outside with glee when our time was over.

I rubbed my temples, wondering how my life had come to this, a never-ending list of home- and child-related tasks and challenges that often had nothing to do with my own gifts and abilities. Was this what it meant to be a great parent? Pouring all my energies into family life until there was nothing left of myself to give? “I need a week at the spa, by myself!” I grumbled to no one in particular.

(Read the rest of the post here!)

Image by Diane Gracy. Used with permission. Sourced through Flickr.

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