Giving Your Children a Window Into the World

This year in our homeschool curriculum, we are using a book called Window On The World. This is a fabulous book that I highly recommend for families wishing to help their children embrace and understand the needs of people groups all around the globe. Each two-page spread features a particular country, with a map and key facts about that country, a summary of the issues being faced by the people both physically and spiritually, and a list of prayer needs to remember. My 8-year-old focuses on a different country each week; this week, the subject was Haiti, which of course has been in the news so much in recent years due to the recent earthquakes.

I did a little more research online to see if I could help my son understand the realities of life there even more. We both learned today thanks to a recent Unicef report that only 8% of the children in that country go to school. Eight percent! I explained to him that this means if you gather a group of 100 children, only 8 of them are fortunate enough to go to school. He was truly touched by that fact and understood anew how different life is for so many children around the world who live in great need.

Children have such tender hearts at a young age. It’s never too early to start building in care and concern for those who are in the greatest need in our world. What are the ways in your family that you help your children understand and pray for the global needs?

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