In the Workplace

Kimberly Chastain, the author of The Voices of Christian Working Moms, recommends the following resources for those women called to the workplace. And if you are such a mom, please visit her site and fill out a survey so that Kimberly can continue compiling research on Christian women in the workplace. You can also read her book to hear from thousands of other women who have followed God’s call to serve him in a vocational setting.



Both of these books open women’s eyes about how God sees as women and His unique plan for our lives.  Truly transforming.

I have recommended this book numerous times over the years.  As women we often have a hard time saying No to all the activities around us.  This book is written by two Christian psychologists and they show how Jesus set boundaries when he was here on earth and we are not “bad” Christians if we say No.

In Gary’s book on Sacred Marriage his premise is, “What if God designed marriage to make us holy instead of happy?” A very thought provoking statement.  As a marriage therapist of over 20+ years now I can’t tell you how many people leave a marriage, because they are not happy.  That is the only reason.  As Christians we are called to be different and follow God’s plan.

I just started reading this book and his message about how American Christians have diluted the gospel.  He is very challenging and encourages all of us to be involved in missions due to the Great Commission.


  •  My website has a free devotional ebook.  Also, people can sign up to receive an email newsletter that comes to their email box twice a month.  We have an online blog, online Bible study, virtual prayer partners, and more.
  •  Sheila lives in Canada and her husband is a physician.  They often travel overseas on mission trips.  She has a humorous and convicting way of talking about all the normal tasks we face as a Mom.
  •  This website, not specifically Christian, gives ideas on time savers, coupons, etc.
  •  A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.  They have wonderful resources and do have marriage retreats nationwide.  I will say as a disclaimer they tend to not openly support Christian moms working.
  •  As a therapist I often see Christian couples have issues in their sex lives and feel they have nowhere to turn.  This website give details about sex and has discussion boards.  All is done in a tasteful manner.


Kimberly has additional resources listed on her website. In addition to the above list, here are additional books and websites you might want to check out: