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Encouraging Americans to Love Africans

Tell me a little about yourself!

Kids: Just 1... 2 year old; married.

Church Administrator at Coastside Community Church

Founder of This is NOT Africa.

Bay Area Film Screening Organizer for The New Sudan, by Nadus Films.

Love to garden; spend time on the beach and mountains; ski; drink coffee; eat dark chocolate and lead people to a better understanding of our global Christian world!

What makes you a Missional Mom?

When I was 13 God gave me a unique calling…simply “to love Africans.”
Since then I have been trying to figure out what that means.  Surprisingly, the calling didn’t mean what I thought.  I thought I would be in Africa, serving as a missionary, but God’s calling never took me that route.  For a while that made me angry, but now I have begun to see God’s perfect plan in it all.
After graduating with a Missions degree and preparing for a life oversees, God made His direction for me clear…it wasn’t to go, it was to stay in the U.S. and raise awareness here.
Now I’m a mom, of a 2 year old boy.  He fills our lives with so much joy and…sometimes some frustration…he is 2!
In the last 6 months, after years of trying to be more involved in activism in Africa, God finally said it was time!  Since that He has filled my cup with ideas, resources, connections and ways to be incredibly involved in Africa.  Above all, I continue to be challenged through my activism to truly LOVE, as He called me to.
Currently we are showing The New Sudan all over the Bay Area to promote awareness for the upcoming election in Southern Sudan, on January 9th, 2011.  Southern Sudan’s destiny is about to be decided and films like The New Sudan help people to understand the issue.  We then are giving people practical ways to get involved- a sort of grass-roots movement.
God also has given me a bigger dream to use social media and the tools of the internet to bridge the gap, relationally, between the first world and the third.  That project is in the works.
I often times feel pulled between ministry, work, being a mom, being a wife and activism…but I know that my following the Lords calling on my life will speak volumes to my son.  That is why I am a missional mom!  Looking forward to reading the book.

“Giving of Ourselves Is a Lifestyle”

Tell me a little about yourself!

I'm just a mom with three great kids-Maddie is 12, Whitney is 10, and Isabelle is 6.  My husband is Pastor of Life Mission at Granger Community Church.  We love to serve Jesus right where he's placed us, and are so thankful for the opportunities we have had as a family to serve "the least of these" in India.

What makes you a Missional Mom?

Our family regularly serves each month by doing various community service projects through our church’s Second Saturday program.  We do everything from pack boxes of food and household items for Feed the Children to play with the Son City Kids–Granger Community Church’s community center in an at-risk community.
We are very strategic in how we present other races and cultures to our  kids on a day to day basis. We pray for our Compassion daughter in India, we choose books for them that represent kids from other cultures, we pray for our persecuted friends in other countries.  We even took them to India the past two summers as a family.
The girls got to go with us to each church planter we interviewed for a book my  husband and I are working on.  It was a phenomenal experience for them.  Their favorite part was playing with the children we met that were of the untouchable caste.  The girls (11, 10, and 6) helped lead games and activities for the children while Rob and I held our interviews.  We were so proud of them because it became “their” mission.  They took ownership of it at their young age, and they will never be the same.
One of the first things our middle daughter Whitney said after we got home from our first trip to India was, “We are so blessed.  Why do we have the things we do when our friends in India have nothing?”  When we take our kids to the inner-city neighborhoods in our own community, or all the way around the world to India, our goal is the same.  We want them to learn that giving of ourselves is a lifestyle.  We give to others because of all God has given to us.