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A Missional Writer-Mom in Arkansas


Tell me a little about yourself!

I am a stay-at-home mom. My husband is a youth pastor and worship leader for our church. We have two boys - Breckon (23 months) and Kian (4 months).

What makes you a Missional Mom?

I was so encouraged by reading “The Missional Mom.” I had been frustrated for the last two years, because I had been trained in missions and theology in college, and I have such great passion for so many things that God is doing in our world. I couldn’t wait to do so many of the things that I had learned about to further God’s Kingdom. Then, three months before I graduated, my husband and I found out that we were pregnant (surprise!). 19 months after Breckon was born, along came Kian. My husband and I both felt that the Lord wanted me to stay home with our boys, but I became so frustrated that I had so much I wanted to do, but couldn’t because someone was always taking a nap (or desperately needed to!). We also live in the rural South (2 hours from the nearest large city), so opportunities to become involved with the homeless or helping with already-established ministries simply aren’t there in many places. Even recycling isn’t available! I love my boys and I am so thankful for the opportunity to stay home and pour into their lives, but I felt as if I had no ministry outlet for all of the things that I cared so deeply about. For a long time, I accepted every ministry opportunity that anyone threw at me – teaching Sunday School for the high school girls, childcare ministry, helping with the youth group, mentoring a teenage girl – I was gifted for none of it, and I felt frantic all the time. I was thankful for the birth of my second son to get a bit of a maternity leave from all of it!

Two months ago, my husband asked me to write the curriculum for a spiritual retreat/roadtrip he was planning for the youth group. I ate it up. I wrote four full sermons, study questions for each one, and group activities to build community among the group – he is actually on the trip now and says that it is all going so well. I was finally able to use my skills in a way I hadn’t expected – by writing about the very things I was passionate about. So I began a blog ( to help educate the Church. I had one foot in the academic world by my education and what I read, and I had the other foot in the world of everyday church life. I sought to bridge the gap between the two. In the South, intellectualism and theology are regarded as highly suspicious. But many in my church have read my blog and then accidentally found out that they were getting a dose of theology! I write on a wide range of topics – racial reconciliation (a HUGE issue here), Bible translation, living justly in various ways, living counter-culturally, worship, family discipleship, etc. It has been such a fulfilling outlet to get many in our church (and elsewhere) to think critically about and discuss the traditions they have, the ideas they hold tightly to, and how we are called to live counter-culturally. Furthermore, writing helps my introverted self to process the many things I have running through my head all at once!

It may be a somewhat unconventional way to be a missional mom, but while my children are so small and we live in the middle of nowhere, it is the perfect way for me to connect the Church to the work that God is doing throughout the world, and to encourage them (and ourselves!) to participate.

Rediscovering a Missional Urge

Tell me a little about yourself!

I'm a stay at home mom of two little boys, 4 years and 8 months.

What makes you a Missional Mom?

I wouldn’t call myself a missional mom yet, but after reading your book, I am inspired to start taking steps towards this.  I am so thankful that God used your giftedness to touch so many moms.  As a side note, I didn’t realize until I read your book that we have a lot in common.  I am Chinese American, grew up in North Potomac, MD, graduated from Wootton High School, and then did my undergrad at Wheaton College, where I worked in Resident Life too, as a Resident Assistant, and then later, an Assistant Resident Director.  So many of your stories resonated with me! After I graduated from Wheaton, I was working with Missions organizations in Taiwan for three years.  When I came back to Maryland, I got married and then had kids.  I must say, that with the days of Wheaton and Taiwan far behind me now, I long for those days where being missional seemed to come so easily.  But thanks to your book, I am really convicted now to make that my first priority regardless of my stage of life or vocation.

Relocation Sparks Missional Opportunities for Delaware Mom


Tell me a little about yourself!

My name is Paige Evers.  I am an ordained Lutheran pastor and am currently serving a small congregation of three: my husband and our two children.  Our daughter is four and a half and our son is eighteen months old.  I became a stay at home mom when our son was born.  Before that time, I served a congregation in Maryland as a pastor and working mom.  My husband is also a pastor.  Last summer we moved from the Baltimore area to Delaware for my husband to begin a new call at the Lutheran congregation in our small town.

What makes you a Missional Mom?

Moving to a new state and a completely different setting inspired us as a family to be missional in this new place.  Before we moved, we prayed that God would show us how we could serve him most effectively in a new congregation and community.  There are two ways I am being a missional mom during this season of my life.  The first is hospitality.  The second is through writing for a secular paper about nurturing faith in the home.
Hospitality is important to all four of us in our family.  We enjoy inviting people to our home, cooking for them, and sharing our stories.  Even in the chaos of moving into a new house, we had people over right away and we’ve continued to invite other families over for dinner and conversation as we’ve gotten more settled here.  Within eight months of moving, I hosted a “Chocolate Night” for the moms I met in the neighborhood and through my children’s activities.  We had a wonderful evening enjoying chocolate and conversation together.  I was thankful that God had led us to this new town and that he is giving me the gift of friendships with so many other moms.  I look forward to seeing where God is taking me on this adventure of sharing our family’s life and our faith with others.
The second way I have been able to be a missional mom in the past year is through writing.  Shortly before we moved to Delaware, while reading Scripture and praying one day, I scribbled down the idea of journaling our efforts to nurture our children’s faith over the coming year.  With the chaos of packing and moving, I put that idea aside.  Then after being in our new community for only a couple of weeks, I picked up a free paper called “Sandbox Press” ( which is geared at families in lower Delaware.  The articles, recipes, crafts, and calendar of community events helped me find my way around the area during the long days when my husband was at work and we hadn’t met anyone to play with yet.  The thought came to me that maybe I could write about my favorite topic, nurturing faith in the home, for this secular paper.
In September, I submitted my first article about doing a blessing in the home for children beginning a new school year.  I’ve written a column called “Weaving Faith and Family Life” in every issue since then.  As a stay at home mom and as a pastor, it has been a blessing to me to have a way to share my passion for equipping parents to help their children grow in faith.  I try to give helpful ideas and encourage moms and dads to pass on faith to the sons and daughters that God has entrusted to their care.
Whether it’s making homemade pizza to share with friends who come to our home for dinner or sitting down to write for a community newspaper after a busy day with our young children, I am excited and thankful to be a missional mom in a missional family!

A Missional Mom in SE Asia

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Tell me a little about yourself!

I am an Indonesian married to a godly American man. We have a 2 year old girl who is so active.

My husband and I have a desire to serve the Lord as missionaries for our long term ministry in the next 2 years. Recently, I am doing translation work at home for some mission organizations in South East Asia, volunteering and mobilizing young people for doing mission with a mission agency for Bible Translation movement, and get involved with local church ministry.

What makes you a Missional Mom?

God’s calling in my life makes me a missional mom. A mom with a mission from God for my life, my family, my extended family, and nations. A mission of God to become His true child, follower and disciple so I can be his witness in wherever He has put me, to teach and make disciples for Him, and to spread God’s glory to the nations. I had a wrong understanding to be a missionary for a long time and saw having a family might slow me down to do what God has called me to do. But after reading some books, including The Missional Mom, God has really taught me a new idea of being a missionary and He leads me to the way I should go with His power and guidance, and by faith, not by my understanding, or sight, or with my own power. God proves to me that He will be glorified if I do the way He really show me how to do be a wife, a mom and a missionary. It’s a great understanding I got from reading The Missional Mom and I am blessed by all the testimonies and stories in the book. All of them helped me to understand deeper my role as a wife and mom but not put aside the main purpose and calling in my life as God’s child, messenger and disciple, and to go and make a much of Him. Being a new mom in a new place and culture is not easy, but God has provided all things and resources I need and will need to fulfill His calling in my life, including The Missional Mom book and website.
Thank you so much for doing what God has put in your heart and share with us. God has used you to glorify His name among moms. Be blessed.

A Missional Marathoner

Zach, Hailey and Mom

Tell me a little about yourself!

My name is Esther Kelly Malwitz. In March of 2010 we moved to California from New York State. I have three kids; Zach is five, Hailey is three and Summer is one. I'm a stay at home mom.

What makes you a Missional Mom?

I’ve always had a personal goal to run a marathon before I turned thirty, but when I found out I was due with my third child that goal had to shift. So after giving birth to Summer a few months before my 30th birthday, I decided running a marathon as a 30 year old was close enough.
For quite some time I had been mulling over in my head different ways I could reach out to others locally and globally but I just felt spent. I felt weighed down by parenting and training for the marathon that I knew I could not add much more to my plate and yet I desperately wanted to somehow help those in need around the world.
Running has a way of clearing the fog in my brain, so during one of my early morning runs I had an epiphany. Here I was logging all of these miles for my personal goal of running a marathon, but what if I were to put these steps to even better use and run for a cause? I knew of One Day’s Wages and decided they would be a great organization to partner with. They are trustworthy, they work with great organizations and their set up is simple and straightforward.
I decided to raise money for Nuru, a group working to aid African farmers. This was my first time ever raising money for a cause, and I was surprised at how connected I felt to the people of Africa.  They became a source of inspiration on those mornings that I did not feel like running. I found myself imagining them out in the fields laboring for their families, and with each step I took I knew I was running alongside them in their fight for a better life.
About three years ago the word missional became a buzz word of mine and of many of my peers. Everything I read was about being missional and everything I did I sought to have the label missional on it. Which was good in that I was no longer focusing solely on my own private relationship with God, but what I found was a whole lot of unhealthy angst. I frequently found myself doing service out of guilt or trying to be missional in ways that were not natural to my giftings or passions. I was definitely treading in new waters and I don’t think I did it gracefully. Along the way I have come to a better understanding of who I am and what I have been created to do and be.
I have always been athletic and have had a desire to run a marathon, so that was naturally part of my makeup. And since coming into a broader understanding of God’s call on my life as a follower of Jesus , I’ve developed a natural desire to love and serve others. So my motivation to be missional (or whatever anyone wants to call it) comes from who I am, not from what someone says I should be doing.
I ended up raising just over $2,000, and in the end I was thrilled with how much we raised. I loved connecting people that I knew with an organization they otherwise would never have known about, let alone give money to. And it was an awesome feeling knowing that my physical steps were helping the lives of people on the other side of the globe.
People ask me how I managed to do something like this while being a busy mom of three young kids. The best advice I would have is to get creative. Think outside the box. And ultimately love and serve from a place of natural gifting.
I would not have been able to do this without the support of my husband. For eight months he sacrificed time and energy to aid me in training for the marathon.  Also this is something I could not sustain for much longer than what I did. Training for a marathon requires more time than I really had to give.  But for a season my family made sacrifices, whether that was foregoing sleep on my part or a relaxing Saturday morning, as we chose to pursue this goal together.