About Helen’s Speaking…

“Helen Lee provides a clear and compelling call to moms to live purposefully. As I listened to Helen present in her workshop for the MOPS International Convention, I was struck by how she made the whole audience feel like it was possible to make a difference in our families and in the world; that living missionally was not some distant, guilt-inducing goal. I saw many moms touched as their hearts resonated with Helen’s message and I know they left encouraged with practical ways that they could live as better moms who make a better world.”
–Carla Foote, Publishing Manager and Executive Editor, MOPS International

“Helen Lee is a premiere communicator with a message that must be heard in today’s culture. She epitomizes missional living, whether it’s as a wife and mom, a writer, or a speaker.  If you see Helen Lee’s name on a book, read it! Its message will be relevant. If you see her listed on a roster of speakers, make sure you attend the event: you won’t be disappointed.”
–Anita Lustrea, author, speaker, and host & executive producer, Midday Connection

“Helen Lee is an extraordinary woman. I’ve heard her interviewed, have conversed with her face to face, and have read much of what she has written. She speaks with conviction, writes with clarity, and is consistently charitable. Above all else she loves Christ and seeks to address the issues of today through the lens of faith.”
–Mike Murphy, Director of Spiritual Development, Breakthrough Urban Ministries and pastor, Christ Church of Oak Brook

“Beneath her self-deprecating humor and winsome style, Helen Lee is not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions and challenge assumptions. She comes prepared, uses technology skillfully and communicates effectively.”
–Clive Craigen, assistant professor of urban ministry, Moody Bible Institute

“Helen is a thought-provoking and engaging communicator. She brings substance and heart to her messages while evoking an openness to her audience that makes them feel invited to be part of the conversation.”
–Dr. Tim Tseng, President & Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity

“Helen is full of godly wisdom and practical advice. Her challenge to live with purpose at home and in the world was engaging, relatable and inspirational!”
–Julie Vandixhorn, Mom’s Ministry Event Director, Park Community Church in Chicago

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