Helen’s Articles & Books

Helen’s most recent book is The Missional Mom ® (Moody, 2011).

Helen has also been featured in the Everyday Matters Bible,  Always There (the 2012 MOPS devotional), and Tending the Soul, edited by the women of Moody Radio’s Midday Connection:


Helen’s also participated in a book project published by InterVarsity Press in collaboration with the Catalyst Leadership Center, Growing Healthy Asian American Churches. (You can read a review of the book by Mark Noll here.)


In addition, Helen has written numerous articles for Christian publications. Here is a sampling of some of her most notable articles:

“How God Showed Up in House of Cards: Interview with Jae Jin in the Christ and Pop Culture blog, March 2014

“An Unlikely Defender of Trafficked Women,” This Is Our City essay contest winner, Christianity Today, August 2013

“An Unexpected Choice: Why We Traded Public School for Homeschooling,” This Is Our City Project, Christianity Today, April 2012.

“Why Jeremy Lin Matters,” UrbanFaith.com, February 2012.

“Forgiving Kim Jong-Il,” UrbanFaith.com, December 2011 (earned an award in devotional writing from the Evangelical Press Association).

How Scroogenomics Is Saving My Christmas,” Sojo.net, December 2009.

“Missional Shift or Drift?” Leadership Journal, November 2008 (earned an award in reporting from the Evangelical Press Association).

“Five Kinds of Christians,” Leadership Journal, October 2007 (earned an award in reporting from the Evangelical Press Association).

An Interview with Good to Great‘s Jim Collins, Christianity Today, March 2003.

“The 40 Best Christian Places to Work,” Christianity Today, April 2003 (free preview).

“Zillions of Dollars” re:generation quarterly, Summer 1999 (free preview).

“Silent Exodus: Can the East Asian Church in America reverse the flight of its next generation?” Christianity Today, August 1996.

“Serving Well,” an interview with professional tennis player Michael Chang, Fall 1998.