My “Fresh Off the Boat” Dilemma

FORREST WHEELER, IAN CHEN, RANDALL PARK, HUDSON YANG, CONSTANCE WUI want to be a fan. I want to be a hater. And therein lies the problem.

If you follow current developments in network television, you might have noticed an anomaly in upcoming programming, in a show that is an eye-catching example of “one of these things is not like the other.” ABC’s

(FOTB), based on the bestselling memoir of restauranteur and chef Eddie Huang, premieres this week. It is the first sitcom featuring an Asian-American family in more than 20 years.

The last such show, All-American Girl starring comedian Margaret Cho, was never renewed past its first season. Fresh Off the Boat is similarly set in the 1990s and centers on the life of a 12-year-old version of Eddie, who struggles to fit into his new life in Orlando after growing up in more multiethnic D.C. Wall Street Journal columnist Jeff Yang (who also happens to be the father of Hudson, the actor who plays young Eddie), describes FOTB in his piece ?Why the ?Fresh Off the Boat? TV Series Could Change the Game?:

The show is like nothing you will have ever seen before on television?it will blow minds, raise eyebrows?It?s that different. And provocative. And, yes, gut-bustingly funny.

Oh, how I?d love for it to succeed.

And yet, part of me hopes it will not.

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