When God Showed Up in House of Cards

Jae Screenshot 5I was delighted to interview Jae Jin, a Baltimore-based aspiring musician who recently appeared on an episode of the television show House of Cards. His is a wonderful story of God using him in unexpected ways to bring a moment of worship into an otherwise dark show. Read on!


Viewers of Netflix’s hit series House of Cards have come to expect the show’s dark turns, whether involving murder, sex, or just the everyday political machinations of life inside the Beltway. But they might not have expected the moment this season featuring an intimate church worship service and a soulful praise song. Even more surprising is the story of the one who was chosen to bring the holy moment to life.

Jae Jin works for Humanim, a Baltimore-based nonprofit focusing on workforce development, human services and social enterprise. He is neither a professional actor nor musician. Yet this 29-year-old who survived a life-threatening illness as a teenager is accustomed to a life of unexpected outcomes. CaPC contributor Helen Lee spoke with Jae about his experiences on the show, and discovered what he learned from both the encouragement and the criticism he has received.

(Read the full interview at the Christ and Pop Culture site!)

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