My Son, the Jesus Freak, Part Two

A couple of months ago, I told the story of my eldest son “Harry”, who had been unabashedly sharing about his faith with his friend down the street. I just wanted to update you on some news about what has happened in the lives of my kids and this particular neighbor, a 9 year old boy named “Scott”.

I was in the kitchen with some church friends who were over for dinner when suddenly, Harry burst into the room, breathless and excited. “Mom! Mom! Scott wants to become a Christian!!”

My hands were completely messy with food preparation and at first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I asked my son for some clarification, and he said that he had taken his Bible out to Scott, explained the Gospel message and had asked if Scott wanted to pray to become a believer, to which he had answered yes.

I sent my husband out to join the boys and to find out whether this was, in fact, an accurate assessment. He huddled together with my elder two sons and with Scott, and I kept peeking out the window to see what was going on. It looked to be a serious discussion, and then 10-15 minutes later, I peeked again to see that they were all praying.

And soon the heavens rejoiced.

We are still in the process of trying to help Scott understand what it means to follow Jesus, that a one-time prayer is just the beginning and not the entirety of the process. His decision is made more complicated by the fact that we don’t know his parents well, if at all, and his family is not Christian.

When I saw Scott the next day, I asked if he had mentioned what happened to his parents. He said, “Oh yes, I told my mom. She seemed happy about it, and she said I had the freedom to choose my own way.” So, at least his parents weren’t upset about this life transition, but nor do I sense that they are trying to encourage his fledgling faith.

Now I feel that our family has a spiritual responsibility to try to help Scott develop and grow as a Christian, especially given his family situation. As I explained to my “Jesus freak” son, being God’s witnesses in the world is only the beginning of our mission; we are also to be about making disciples, not just converts, which means that we need to teach and train Scott to know what it means to follow Jesus. Our job has only just begun!

But what has convicted me as I have rejoiced with our kids are two sobering questions, having witnessed my kids do with ease and with passion what I find much more difficult myself:

1) Do I really love Jesus so much that I cannot help but want to share him with others the way my kids do?

2) Do I truly understand what it means to love my friends and neighbors, so much that I cannot help but share about Jesus to them?

While I was spending time with my fellow Christian friends, my kids taught me anew what it means to participate in God’s mission amongst those who do not already know Jesus, as a way to reflect their love for Christ and for others. And they are inspiring my husband and I embrace our mission to reach out to Scott’s parents as well. I have had their phone number for quite a while but just haven’t made the effort to call, as I wonder if they just perceive us as the funny religious family down the street.

But it’s time I embrace more of my inner freak. And I’m thankful that my kids are showing me the way. This story is “to be continued”…but in the meantime, when have kids taught you about what it means to love God and love others?

3 Comments on “My Son, the Jesus Freak, Part Two

  1. Helen:

    It so good to hear about “Harry” and his faith; he is definitely an example for us adults! I couldn’t help but smile when I pictured him running up the stairs to the kitchen to tell you the news. I hope all is well with the boys!


  2. So so encouraged by this whole site – I only JUST came upon it. I feel like I have been gathering up info for the last couple of year and looked for your book (something like your book) 2 years ago. So glad that it is out now – can’t wait to read it. I have so many thoughts and resources that I am passionate about and just your whole heart in having your son be part of GOd’s story above (PRAISE GOD!). my heart rejoices and is so encouraged. I wish I could have coffee with you

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