A Tale of Two Failures…

I’m a little late to the party, but this is the first of two separate posts I’ve written about the whole “Tiger Mom”controversy:

I was in a celebratory mood. Not an hour before, I’d walked across the stage at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C., welcomed the piece of paper declaring my new standing as a high school graduate, and thrown up my mortarboard with joy, flinging away four years of late nights, stressful exams, endless cram sessions, more than a few heartaches, and everything else that went along with attending a competitive public high school in the suburbs of our Nation’s Capital.

I was still feeling giddy at dinner with my family at a posh steakhouse when my father revealed what he had been carrying in his head and heart. “I consider your high school experience a failure,” he intoned, straight-faced and stern.

(You can read the full post at TheHighCalling.org.)

3 Comments on “A Tale of Two Failures…

  1. Helen, I’m thrilled you’ve joined THC network. Your book and blog are such a great fit for us, and I really appreciated your perspective in this response piece to Chua’s book. Thanks for jumping on board so quickly and in such an excellent way! I look forward to seeing you around the network and getting to know you better as you have time to participate.

  2. We *loved* your story published at TheHighCalling.org, Helen. I’m still telling people about it, sending them over to read it.

    Honored to be part of getting your story out there. Your words to sing, from the heart and mind of a gifted storyteller.

    It’s been a joy getting to know you.

    Ann Kroeker

    Content Editor, Family


  3. Dena, Ann, it was a pleasure to be asked to write a piece on this and I’m so grateful for the opportunity! Thanks so much and I hope our virtual paths will cross again in the near future!

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